Apple has listed the first three router models on its HomeKit page, which should work together with the Smart Home Standard.

linksys velop homekit router

There are listed a standard router from eero, the eero Pro (both not yet available) as well as the Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi System (available but unclear if already compatible with HomeKit). The routers should make it easier to separate Smart Home devices from other devices in the network and thus lead to a higher network security at home. We recommend two different networks at home anyway: one for Smart Home devices, one for your computers with important data. The fact that in the simplest configuration the data always runs over the Internet (iCloud) is the small price (slight delay) you should pay.

The situation is unfortunately not so easy for laymen to configure, so we still don’t understand why Apple has set up its own AirPort routers: these would have been the linchpin in the system and certainly extremely easy to set up through Apple’s pre-configuration. Now you either have to do it yourself or access the HomeKit compatible third-party products. Both vendors have quite mixed reviews on Amazon. Let’s hope that the HomeKit models keep the simple configuration they promise.