The company Nello, which sells the smart door opener Nello One, joins forces with the Italian manufacturer SCLAK.


So you can continue to use your Nello One. Some time ago, Nello filed for bankruptcy and informed users that the servers should be shut down – this would make the Smart Home product unusable. Fortunately, this could now be averted. Nello writes to the users in an eMail:

We have good news, which we would like to share with you immediately! nello’s journey continues – we will join forces with the SCLAK team. The new owner SCLAK will be the Italian supplier of smart home products. This fits perfectly to nello.

This should keep the effort for the end customer within limits: Only an update of the app seems necessary.

SCLAK is also a provider of electronic opening systems, but these are technically simpler: they do not require an Internet connection and only switch the lock (open/closed). Digital keys are simply passed on via an app. A technically simpler approach, but also an indication that both companies can operate in the same area of use and complement each other. The bottom line is good news that Nello can continue to exist.

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