Anyone who has a Nello One extension at home on their intercom should be warned: in a week Nello will switch off the cloud access required for operation.

The company had already filed for insolvency a few months ago and was looking for new investors. However, this does not seem to have been crowned with success. Nello users are currently receiving an e-mail from Nello pointing out that the servers will be shut down on October 18 – and of course cloud access is gone. And with it the function.

But Nello promises a different solution so that the devices don’t completely lose their function. Perhaps a local control option will be provided or some other reduced function will be offered. In any case, this is once again an example of infrastructure that completely depends on the manufacturer through cloud connection.

If you don’t want to do without the offered functions like unlocking the door or guest access for visitors via app, you can avoid the competition: Nuki offers a similar solution with Opener and the corresponding Bridge. Moreover, this HomeKit is compatible and the company seems to be in a better financial position.