Nomad Base Station as alternative to the Apple AirPower Qi charging station

Apple’s AirPower charging station is officially closed, but there are still enough alternatives. The Nomad Base Station is a very nice one.

The black and unobtrusive case is provided with a kind of small leather cushion, so that even iPhone with glass backside, which are used without case, can lie well without scratching. The case contains three coils, so that the device to be charged can be placed either lengthwise or crosswise. Nevertheless, you have to aim something – unfortunately Apple failed to make this precise alignment superfluous. At least you can charge two devices at the same time. There is also a variant with a small holder at the back left that can hold an Appel Watch.

On the back there are also a USB-A and a USB-C port, so that you can charge even more wired devices. But the nice device is not quite cheap: to spend 100 dollars you have to pay for it, for the Apple Watch compatible version even a little more.

Those who are looking for an alternative that is a little cheaper will find here some devices. You can also build a stylish Qi Charger yourself or hide one in your bedside table. Tip for those who don’t always want to aim exactly when they put their iPhone down for charging: take a slightly larger device with more coils.

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