If you have an older, no longer officially supported Mac, which you have nevertheless equipped with macOS Mojave, you can also look forward to continuous further development here.

Older Macs can easily be equipped with the current operating system 10.14 Mojave. We’ll show you how to do it here. Dosdude1 is the driving force behind the project that enables us all to continue using old Macs safely. The installation is really extremely easy due to its tool and even simpler than Apple’s official instructions for creating a bootable USB stick. With Mojave Patcher you just download the tool (Mojave can be loaded inside the tool, how handy is that?) and write on a USB stick. Just give it a try, it’s worth it. If you want to install an SSD or more memory in your older Mac, have a look at our Upkeep pages.

But back to the current status: The Mojave Patcher Tool adapts the code at certain points, so that Mojave runs without any problems on Macs no longer supported by Apple. The updater itself now gets updates from Dosdude1 itself, and these are now conveniently available as a separate entry in the system settings. There you can set if updates should be checked automatically and if it should be checked if necessary patches have been written over. A very practical feature and a sign that old Macs are far from being old-fashioned.