If you are looking for a high-quality modem for a new VDSL connection with supervectoring, you will now find the DrayTek Vigor 165.

draytek vigor 165 supervectoring modem

The successor to our long time recommended Vigor 130 now also speaks the VDSL profile 35b. Translated this means that you can reach up to 300 MBit/s download, if your provider offers this (250 MBit/s are currently usual). In addition, it also runs on normal (vectoring) VDSL connections and older ADSL connections. So it’s a modem for everything that has to do with DSL.

Practical in comparison to its predecessor Vigor 130: 165 comes with two Ethernet ports. So if you don’t just want to use it as a modem, but as a full-fledged router, you’ll be delighted. So you can directly connect another switch or an IP phone. In contrast to the larger routers, Draytek Vigor does not offer some functions, such as the VPN option. For home use, however, performance and stability are more important, and that’s the first cream of the crop.

Up to 300 MBit/s via VDSL with Supervectoring.

If you want, you can use another router behind the then modem configured Supervectoring model, for example the new Vigor 2133 or the model 2760, which we praise very much and still have in use (successor is the 2762). The Vigor 2760 is used already available at an extremely low price, even cheaper than the Vigor 130 modem. So it’s a bargain tip for both applications due to the integrated VDSL modem (no supervectoring).

Why is the DrayTek Vigor called 165 and not 160 as announced? Apparently the modem should also be able to handle the new successor standard G.Fast – but that’s not the case. There will be a separate model for it, the Vigor 166. So that perhaps 160 is on the package should not irritate you. DrayTek also points out that you should reset the 165 with the reset button for ten seconds after switching it on so that it can get to work completely fresh.

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