Deezer has updated the Apple Watch app for its own streaming service. Now you can get to your favorite songs even faster.

Deezer has improved three things for Apple Watch users: It is now possible to access the “last heard” section – across all devices. So when you hear the same three songs over and over again, it’s handy.

If you’ve marked a song with a heart, it’s now also accessible from the app’s home page. All your favourite songs can now be accessed immediately.

The third feature is Deezer Flow: Deezer will suggest similar songs based on your previous musical taste.

Everything sounds very well thought out and makes Apple Watch even easier to use. That’s exactly why Apple invented Smartwatch: to make life even more pleasant with a small piece of technology. If, as here with the Deezer app, the apps also play along, the usability is near perfection.

You can download the Deezer App in the App Store.