32″ 4K monitor from Eizo with USB-C connector for Mac

Yes, well, it’s only 31.5″, but since Eizo also rounded up in the product name, we don’t want to be like that.

Japanese monitor manufacturer Eizo, known for its excellent monitors, is now launching a model designed for users who want the best on their desks.

A huge screen estate, high 4K resolution and a USB-C port that even charges the MacBook with up to 60 watts. Admittedly, it’s not a 5K, but for many applications 4K should be sharp enough and the larger screen diagonal compared to a 27″ monitor should be the deciding factor.

But even users of computers that don’t yet have a USB-C port are not excluded: The monitor also offers two HDMI and one DisplayPort connection. We also have to say that we like the current Eizo design. The exterior of Eizo monitors has always been rather matter-of-fact, but the balance between practical and appealing seems to have been found with this model.

The EV3285 (-BK for black, -WT for white) is not cheap, of course: The list price is 1522 Euro. But everybody wo spends daily hours before the screen will know that quality has its price but that it is worth it.

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