Dell presents a huge new 49 inch monitor in curved design.

U4919DW Curve angle

U4919DW CableManagement

The monitor has a 32:9 format and offers 5120 x 1440 pixels. If you still have a Thunderbolt display or a non-Retina iMac in 27″ you can well imagine that: it’s exactly twice as much. This makes the format very practical for anyone who needs to have a lot of current data on the screen at the same time or who has several windows and browsers open when programming, for example. Retina resolution isn’t that, though – it should take some time before it does, since the corresponding amount of pixels for such large displays can’t yet be transferred externally. The highest of the feelings are currently 5K (in once 27″, thus half of the area).

U4919DW Dual Monitor Lifestyle Finance

U4919DW PictureByPicture

The Dell U4919DW can be connected via USB-C, HDMI or DisplayPort 1.4. There are also some USB ports available. The monitor will be available from October 26th (in the USA, if also in Germany we will see). The price is 1,699 dollars.

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