Speck iPhone Presidio Cases: Anti Microbial and Forever Clear

iPhone case manufacturer Speck has launched two new models, which are not exactly cheap but offer interesting features.

The Presidio product range now includes the Presidio Pro Case, which comes with an antibacterial coating. Practically for all who lay down their Smartphone really everywhere. The protection in case of a fall is well known: A thick springy frame that also extends across the display on the front. The display should not break even if the iPhone hits the ground with its face forward.

For those who prefer a transparent case around their iPhone there is the Presidio Stay Clear series. Speck promises that, unlike older models, the transparent cover will no longer turn yellowish due to the UV radiation of the sun. An extra coating should prevent this. Protection against the oils on the skin should also help. Here, too, the thick frame for protection against falling down is obligatory.

The models are available for different iPhone sizes and will soon be available on Amazon.

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