Robust: Beautiful silicone cable protection for Apple cables

Cables often break at the point where the plug ends because the cable is bent too much. A small clip-on cable protector, which also looks good, can help you to keep your cables alive longer.

LeadTrend’s small spiral silicone cable saver do not cost much money and can be easily wrapped around the cable due to their shape. Similar to the trick with an old ballpoint pen spring – but the little silicone pieces look much niceer and nothing can go wrong compared to the issue when you stick the metal end of a spring into the cable.

The silicone cable protection is therefore really a practical extension for cables. It may not make as much sense with cheap cables, as it is a better choice to buy a new and robust cable, such as a Lightning cable from Amazon Basics with integrated bend protection. For expensive or integrated cables, such as the new USB-C cables or those of the MagSafe power supply, which are permanently connected, the few bucks are well invested.

At the moment you can order at Aliexpress and the costs are ridiculously low. Ten of them cost 1-2 dollars, 100 pieces for the whole family just eight. If that’s not an argument. If you are in a hurry, you can also buy on Amazon.

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