DiskStation DS119j: New small Synology with dual core processor

Synology presents a new small NAS for one hard drive: the DiskStation DS119j with dual core processor.

And this describes the essential feature of the new network storage for a 3.5″ hard disk precisely. The computing power lies exactly between the smaller DS115j (in terms of computing power, the enclosure is the same), which is really relatively slow, and the more powerful and also more expensive DS118 with quad core processor.

Our advice (because we’re currently testing the DS115j) is to go with the DS119j if your budget is limited, but you still want to use some of the features offered by the good Synology software. If you only want to store unencrypted data, the simple processor in the small model will do, but as soon as you want a bit more, more computing power is very welcome.

We already put the Amazon link here, the DS119j should appear soon:

Buy on Amazon: Synology DS119j  

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