Chrome turns 10! New Design and new functions

The Google browser is now ten years old. For this anniversary it got a new design and a few new functions.

When it comes to appearance, Google now relies on curves: All corners are no longer square, but rounded. Similar to open windows in macOS, but with an even larger radius. And we have to say, that looks pretty good.

This conversion was also carried out on the iOS platform. Especially in the context of an iPhone X, the new design cuts a good figure. Surprising how a fresh design can change the user impression.

But Google has not only polished the look, some new features have also been added or improved. For example, the password manager has learned some new tricks. It now suggests automatically generated secure passwords. If you use the manager and also use the iOS version of Chrome on the iPhone, you will be pleased to see that these are synchronized between the two applications. The address bar has also gotten a new feature: it displays Google search results. Google calls this summary Omnibox. This way you get your results even faster.

It’s nice to see how browsers evolve and you have a choice. For all Chrome users the anniversary version is in any case a welcome update. You can download it here.

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