Angled Lightning Cable for iPhone Players

You like to play on the incredibly powerful iPhone? Hours of sessions can cause the battery to run out. Good if you then have a good charging cable at hand.

Good in this case means it’s long enough to bridge the distance from the power supply to the couch and practically angled so that it simply leads the cable downwards when holding the iPhone. These may be two obvious points, but many still work with cables that are too short or plugs that are too long and somehow get in the way.

Such a gamer cable doesn’t have to be expensive either: you can buy one for less than ten dollars. The fact that the Baseus cable shown here also has a stable nylon sheath so that it lasts for a long time is also very advantageous. So before you go on gambling and look for your short charging cable again in a few hours, order one in two meters length and be prepared next time.

Bei Aliexpress kaufen: Baseus Lightning Gamer Kabel  

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