Samsung SmartThings Wifi: Router and Smart Home Hub

Samsung introduced a hub for its Smart Home System SmartThings that is also a Mesh WLAN router.

We already gave you an overview of Wifi mesh systems here and tested a particularly cheap and good one from Tenda, now there is also one from Samsung. A mesh system consists of several radio elements that cleverly divide the traffic among each other so that an even, stable and fast network coverage is guaranteed.

Samsung has intelligently turned the small mesh elements also into a Smart Home Hub. Since the offered SmartThings components like buttons, sockets, surveillance cameras, motion detectors etc. can use either the Zigbee or Z-Wave standard, this compatibility is built in right away. So you get router and smart home hub in one, without having to buy another device. If you are looking for a new Wifi Mesh router anyway and are enthusiastic about the extensive SmartThings range, this can be for you.

However, there is one disadvantage: The Samsung system is not compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. The approach of combining everything in one device is very practical, but if you don’t want to leave Apple ecosystem (although there is an iOS app), you have to look elsewhere.

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