You need a small and lightweight powerbank, but it has to have a USB-C port for charging so you can use the MacBook power adapter for it? We found something for you.

The goal was to find a battery pack that could be charged easily with the new USB-C cables, so you don’t need another power supply when travelling. We found the Blitzwolf PowerStorm with 6700 mAH capacity. Besides the actual battery pack there is also a USB-A to Micro-USB cable and a Micro-USB to USB-C adapter in the box. This makes it possible to charge the power supply with conventional power supplies and to use the cable later for micro-USB devices. We simply use the MacBook power supply with a USB-C cable, as well as a normal USB lightning cable for the iPhone.

Since the capacity data are always formulated very positively, let’s take a look on this subject first. If you convert the numbers to watt-hours, you would get 33.5 Wh. Blitzwolf only announces 24.12 Wh. A way to reality, since the total capacity of a battery can always be a little less in the real world.

But let’s take a closer look: When charging 5190 mAH or 25.95 Wh (incl. losses) go in, and 3911 mAH or 19.55 Wh come out. If we compare the 19.55 Wh with the 24.12 Wh given, we still come to 81%. Average good efficiency. What does that mean in everyday life? Well, with the power bank, an iPhone 7 or 8 can be charged almost twice.

The USB-C port as power source is a bit weak, but the usability of the Blitzwolf is great.

Devices connected to the USB-A port enjoy up to 13 watts (over 2.6 amps at just under 5 volts). The voltage on the USB-C port drops fast as the current consumption increases than on the USB-A port. This does not mean that the specifications mentioned are not met (2.4 amps are quite possible), however, the voltage is then already very far from the ideal 5 volts. OK for many devices, but some are a bit more demanding (or comply with the specifications).

So the 12″ Macbook: You can charge it with the Blitzwolf power bank and the USB-C to USB-C cable and get a few extra minutes out of it (if you want to do this more often, however, you should get a slightly larger power bank). The point in the interaction between the Blitzwolf battery pack and MacBook is that the MacBook considers the supplied voltage to be too low (below 4.7 volts) and therefore draws less current so that the voltage does not drop any further. The battery pack is only recognized as a 7 watt power source and not as 12 watts. But in case of an emergency it’s enough and for a serious MacBook support a larger model is needed anyway.

The Blitzwolf is designed to keep it with you so you are prepared when you need it, and not to add too much weight on the other days. In addition, the USB-A port which is currently used more frequently, is as strong as one would like it to be. It’s great that it’s extremely easy to use: if you plug in the cable and the device, the power bank starts by itself the charging process. Should this not work, simply press once on the button, which is also the cover of the four blue LEDs. Cleverly done. The external battery can be switched off by pressing two times.

All in all, we recommend the Blitzwolf Powerstrom USB-C Powerbank with 6700 mAj. The housing is stable and compact, the efficiency is good, it can charge two devices simultaneously, a micro-USB cable with USB-C adapter is included and it detects devices directly on connection. Only at high current consumption on the USB-C port it is a bit weak on the chest.

But, and that’s what matters to us, it’s easy to charge with the MacBook power adapter, so you don’t need an extra cable and power adapter. If you still have your lighting cable with you, you can even charge your iPhone and battery pack on your MacBook power adapter at the same time. The battery pack supports pass-through charging: You connect the power supply to the USB-C port and the iPhone to the USB-A socket and the Blitzwolf passes some of the power through. This makes it even more practical than expected, in addition to the USB-C port you are looking for.

The Blitzwolf USB-C battery pack is currently available on Amazon and Aliexpress, as well as the big brother, if you need a little more capacity:

Aliexpress:     Blitzwolf USB-C 6700 mAh     Blitzwolf USB-C 10000 mAh