AirTags are now being used to steal cars

AirTags to steal cars

AirTags can be used easily to help steal cars.

In Canada, police are warning of a new method of car theft using AirTags.

The use of Apple’s tracking technology is as illegal as it is effective: in a supermarket parking lot or underground garage, high-priced cars are selected to be stolen. Since this is a difficult task in public, the thieves simply attach AirTags to the vehicle or stick them under the gas cap, for example. In this way, many worthwhile targets can be marked in a short time.

When the vehicle owner drives home, the car can be stolen there without much publicity using conventional methods. The thieves save themselves the search for appropriate vehicles, because they can mark these simply fast in the everyday life with a AirTag.

We had already thought about tracking a person here – this is exactly how it is used now. Furthermore, we also warn that the small speaker, which is supposed to draw attention to a foreign AirTag, is deactivated within seconds.

So currently, if you drive a high-priced vehicle, you would have to check for AirTags before every trip home. Besides the possible stolen vehicle, however, there is a serious new problem: the thieves now know exactly where you live.

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