Use Windows 365 on the Mac via browser

Windows 365 in the Cloud

Microsoft makes virtual Windows computers in the cloud accessible via the browser.

If you are a die-hard Apple user and still need Windows, you either have to install it via Bootcamp or get it to run via virtualization software. Microsoft now offers another more convenient option: Windows in the cloud.

The Windows 365 offer provides you with a virtual Windows computer in the cloud, which you can then easily access via the browser. This gives you the functions of a Windows PC without having to worry about any configuration. Because it’s accessed via the browser, this solution also runs on just about any device – Mac and iPad included.

The technical specifications of your virtual computer can be customized. Up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage are possible, according to Microsoft. Since it is a cloud solution, a monthly subscription will be necessary – the prices are not fixed yet.

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