Apple is still selling off first batch HomePods

iOS 11.4 HomePod iPhone x lockup front 05292018

The original HomePod sold so poorly that the first production is still being sold off.

Apple recently stopped selling the large HomePods due to lack of success. This failure seems to have been so great that Apple is still selling the first production batch from 2017.

HomePod 2017

YouTuber Michael Kukielka also received a device that was produced at the end of 2017 when he currently bought a HomePod – so it has been in stock for over three years. Apple must have expected a runaway success, even though the HomePod was very expensive compared to other smart speakers. Even Apple customers were not convinced by the good sound.

Currently, the small version, the HomePod Mini, is selling very well. At just under a hundred Euros, it now hits the right price point for many. Partly, you also have to wait for the delivery. Apple has learned from its mistakes with the first HomePod and made the mini much more attractive.

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