Synology DSM 6.2.3 Update 3 – last version 6 update?

Synology DSM 6 Update

Security and stability update for Synology’s DSM version 6.

Synology has released update number 3 for DiskStation Manager version 6.2.3-25426 for their own NAS systems. It has been showing up on your Synology since mid-December if you have automatic updates set.

The update mainly brings stability and security improvements, many of them for Windows 10 users. You can see the full changes here.

Synology DSM manual Update

If you always update your DiskStation manually, you can find the update in Control Panel > Update & Restore > DSM Update where you can then trigger it.

Presumably, this will be the last update for the DSM 6 version before Synology comes around the corner with number 7. The new version of DiskStation Manager is supposed to run on quite old devices as well – so you don’t have to worry that a two or three year old device won’t get the latest DSM version anymore.

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