Determine if program already runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chip

Is Apple Silicon ready

If software is already optimized for Apple Silicon you can see on this website.

If you want to know if the program you are using is already running on an Apple Silicon Mac, you can visit the handy website Abdullah Diaa has taken the trouble to list the most important apps in categories like browser, music and video production and to show if they are already native to Apple’s own chip.

Browsers on Apple Silicon

If this is not the case, there is still the possibility to translate the software with Rosetta 2. This is not the optimum, but considering the high performance of the M1 chip it is not a bad solution. But with complex applications there can be problems, which is why it is not officially supported by some Adobe programs.

So if your luck – or income – depends on a working software, you can get a quick impression on the practical overview page whether your software runs smoothly on the latest Apple hardware.

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