A lot of space in the case of the M1 Mac mini

M1 Mac mini inside

The Mac mini case is almost too big for the new litte logic board.

The first curious people took apart the Mac mini with M1 chip. The result is a very small board, which doesn’t even begin to fill the Mac mini case. So the next mini generations could either get a more compact housing or the board could grow a bit to support more ports.

The image above is from egpu.io, where there are more images.

If you want to see the process of disassembling in the video, you can do so. In everyday life, however, this only serves to satisfy curiosity, because the models can no longer be upgraded. Since all components are soldered on, it is not possible to repair them yourself. At least you can see from the chips that each Thunderbolt port has its own management chip, so that the full bandwidth is available. This means that the number of ports on the new Mac mini is a bit less than on the previous models, but the two existing ports are fully usable without sharing the bandwidth internally.

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