The new MacBook Pro 13″ with M1 processor is significantly cheaper than the still sold Intel models and even more cheaper than the 16″ MacBook Pro models. But what if it is still the better choice?

MaxTech has compared the two at first glance very different devices. And once again, it was about time that Apple with its new CPU is simply clearly superior. The measured data on the 13″ Pro are either much better, at least equally good, or, if worse, not as much worse as the high price difference would lead one to expect.

The most impressive way, however, is how the M1 MacBook Pro handles the battery: very economical. At the end of the three-hour test, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is almost empty and the M1 MacBook Pro has only lost a third of its charge. At the same time, the battery in the 16-inch model is significantly larger. For future 16″ models based on M1, this could mean that the battery life could scratch the 24 hour mark if the battery remains the same size.

Low power consumption also means little waste heat. In the second video linked above you can see the heat development of an M1 MacBook. This is much less than we are used to from Intel CPUs. The chip itself gets about 100 degrees Celsius hot, but does not heat up the case as much as an Intel CPU. This is also due to the smaller structure width – this increases efficiency and reduces power consumption.

With these results, we’re always looking forward to the next generation of Apple Silicon Chips, which will then be even more powerful in large MacBook Pros and iMacs.

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