Amazon Drive: Only unencrypted data, Synology is out

Amazon Drive

Synology backups will soon be impossible on the Amazon Drive.

Those who backed up their Synology NAS on their Amazon Drive will have to look for a better solution: this option will be eliminated.

(via ifun)

Amazon Drive provided storage space for you so far, which could be used in the way you thought it should be. Although the original idea of Amazon was to use the storage space for photos and personal data, there were no restrictions so far.

Amazon Drive Options

Synology, for example, was able to easily back up to Amazon Drive using onboard resources. Encrypted and easy to set up. Amazon is now eliminating that. In the future, only unencrypted content will be allowed to be stored, as customers are told. It remains to be seen whether it is really not allowed to store encrypted letters or whether this mainly refers to the backups, which are likely to have caused a lot of traffic, since a lot of content is constantly changing and is also constantly being backed up anew.

In any case, if you are a Synolgy user and this was your cloud backup, you have to look elsewhere. We still recommend that you have another Synology, which you can easily keep with family or friends. This will give you your own cloud with huge storage space at a low price – and within your control. Here’s our DIY Cloud instructions – it’s really quite simple.

If you’ve been using Amazon Drive as storage for photos and videos you’ll need to make a change.

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