iPhones can now be used as car keys on BWWs

BMW Connected App

On modern BMWs from 1 July 2020, the iPhone can be used as a car key.

Those who own an iPhone and a modern BMW can now use the smartphone as a car key on their vehicle.

The prerequisite for this is that it is a modern iPhone and a BMW produced after 1 July 2020. In addition, it must have been ordered with the Keyless Go option. Furthermore you need the recently updated BMW Connect App, which allows you to set up the car key function.

When using the iPhone, it is necessary to hold the phone very close to the door handle and place the smartphone in the car’s interior on the appropriate charging cradle – only then can the car be started. It is therefore practical if you only want to have an iPhone with you and want to do without car keys and, for example, your wallet. Compared to the conventional keyless go system or even just a radio key, the new system that integrates the iPhone is however a little more dependent on you adhering exactly to the usage guidelines. So it is not possible to simply leave the key (or in this case the iPhone) in your pocket.

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