Anker PowerExpand 8-in-1 USB-C Hub with 100 Watt Power Delivery

Anker Powerexpand 8 In 1 Usb C Adapter

Anker’s 8-in-1 USB-C Hub supports power delivery up to 100 watts and 2x HDMI.

Anker PowerExpand 8-in-1


  • compatible with 100 Watts, 85 Watt for charging
  • multiple ports
  • 2 HDMI ports with 1080p


  • no charging of other USB devices
  • HDMI 4K with only 30 Hz

A good hub if you need more ports but don't want to charge other devices.

Anker has added another USB C hub to its range, an 8-in-1 model. The following connections are available:

  • USB-C Power
  • USB-C data
  • 2x USB-A
  • SD card
  • Micro-SD card
  • 2x HDMI
  • Ethernet

With the HDMI port you have to take care as usual that a resolution of 4K is reached, but the refresh rate is only 30 instead of the usual 60 Hertz. Alternatively, two monitors can be connected via the two HDMI ports, in which case there is 1080p resolution at 60 hertz.

Anker Powerexpand 8 In 1 Usb C Adapter Details

As practical as the adapter is, it is a pity that connected USB-A devices cannot be charged. Although the model can cope with the almost 100 watts that a USB-C power supply can deliver (the 16″ MacBook Pro is just under that) and also passes on 85 watts of that (minus personal consumption), it’s not able to share the energy with other devices. That would be convenient. But the hub is mainly intended for data connections. If that’s enough for you, you get typical Anker quality and 18 months warranty.

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