Ikea has expanded its range of Tradfri luminaires somewhat: it also includes a model in filament design.

Although the filament is not as fine as in other filament models, it still looks better than the typical blind cover, which usually hides the view of the inside of the lamps. However, the Ikea model with 806 lumen is quite nice to look at.

The model for the small Edison socket is designed in the conventional style: it comes with the usual milky-white cover. Ikea indicates that this incandescent lamp has a luminous efficacy of around 650 lumens.

If both types are too old-fashioned for you, you might be interested in the Ikea light panels, which are named Floalt. They look like a simple white picture in a frame, but the whole surface can be illuminated. They can therefore be used, for example, as discreet room lighting on the wall or as compact ceiling luminaires. Depending on the size of the model, the luminous efficacy is several thousand lumens.