With the introduction of USB-C, externally connectable products also became more creative. CalDigit has now managed to create a product that is suitable for all of us.

You remember the rather expensive Lacie 2big Dock? Practical, but a little over the top for most of us. CalDigit, known for really very good RAID drives and docks (if a dock, then CalDigit if you ask us), has now recombined the idea of an external drive and a small hub at a price of only $99 – the hard drive is of course extra.

The CalDigit AV2 Pro is not much bigger than a usual enclosure and made of aluminium. It accommodates a 3.5″ hard disk (or 2.5″ hard disk or SSD). On the back is the input for the power supply and a quiet fan. The ensemble can be connected via USB-C, whereby a MacBook is then also charged with 30 watts. For the 12″ the maximum already, for the 13″ Pro mostly enough and also the 15″ should be satisfied, if it doesn’t work under full load. Older MacBooks can also use the CalDigit AV2 Pro: You simply take the included USB-A to Micro-USB B cable – then of course you can’t charge the laptop. In both cases, however, the integrated USB hub is available, which offers you two ports. With one port occupied on your MacBook, you’ll have an external hard drive and Ethernet adapters and printers connected, for example. Super.

Another advantage of the integrated USB hub is that you can hang more copies of the AV2 Pro behind each other via daisy-chaining. Similar to Firewire or Thunderbolt, here only via the USB hub as a detour. But for two or three copies this is a good and very cheap solution. If you buy three it costs only as much as Thunderbolt cases alone.

Besides CalDigit goes a new way: the really inexpensive case for the offered functions can be bought without hard disk. Normally, CalDigit only has equipped drives, but an exception has been made here. This is a good solution for private users or professionals. An empty drive carriage for a hard disk or SSD is of course included.

You can buy the AV2 Pro drive dock on Amazon or directly at CalDigit. It could be the right product for a lot of us, because for only $99 you have a very good case and a USB hub for the most important devices in a nice design on your desk.

Buy on Amazon:     CalDigit AV2 Pro