YouTube App back on Fire TV, Prime Video on Android TV

Google and Amazon have settled their dispute and have now agreed to offer their respective video streaming apps on each other’s ecosystems.

As both announced in a press release, the YouTube app will soon be available again on Amazon’s Fire TV sets. Conversely, the Prime Video App will soon be available on Android TVs and Chromecast.

This will finally make it possible to watch YouTube on Fire TV in full 4K resolution and 60fps. In return Amazon brings with the Prime Video App contents like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hanna, Homecoming,Bosch, Catastrophe and The Grand Tour on Google devices. So the long wait had its good side: a certain interoperability is always an advantage. So you can use several services and devices from different providers in one household. Apple is currently doing the same: many new televisions will be equipped with AirPlay 2 compatibility.

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