Streaming: Netflix increases prices by up to 18%

Netflix is raising its prices with immediate effect.

Netflix has raised the prices for streaming. There are still three price levels that have cost $7.99, $10.99 and $13.99 so far. With the price increase the basic offer now costs $8.99. The HD subscription now costs $12,99 (a plus of 18%) and the 4K subscription $15,99. Similar price increases also apply in Germany, where the basic subscription will not be more expensive.

If you register now, then the prices already apply to you after the trial month. For existing customers then starting from the next due payment date. It’s still a pity that Netflix raises the prices, but but cancels features like AirPlay Streaming without replacement.

Streaming service hopping, anyone?

Slowly you could get the idea to make streaming service hopping a hobby: since the contract periods for many services are only one month, you watch content here for one month, there for one month, until you have seen everything interesting in the highly fragmented landscape of streaming services. Nobody will have subscribed to more than two services at the same time (with the exception maybe of public broadcasters in several countries).

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