Apple Pencil Alternative for iPad and iPad Pro: Logitech Crayon

Looking for an alternative stylus to the Apple Pencil that works on both the iPad and the iPad Pro?

Apple has created a situation where the Apple Pencil 1 only works with the simpler iPads (iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air) and the Apple Pencil 2 only works on the two Pro models. There is no interchangeability. This is disadvantageous in some situations.

As ifun writes, since the latest iOS update it is possible to use an input pen from a third party iPad manufacturer across all models: the Logitech Crayon. Although it is only recommended by the manufacturer for the normal iPad of the sixth generation it still seems to work with the iPad Pro models . This would make the Logitech Crayon the first solution to work on iPad and iPad Pro models. The Crayon is also cheaper than the Apple Pencil models.

But there is one catch: The Crayon does not support pressure sensitivity. So you can’t press harder if you want to draw a thicker line. Only Apple pencils can do that.

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