Epic Game: Oxenfree Adventure free to download

Currently Epic Games offers a cool adventure game for free download.

Until April 4th, 2019 you can download the game for free, saving you more than twenty Euro. Epic wants to compete with Steam with its new online store and therefore requires an Epic account for the free download.

Oxenfree – Trailer

We won’t write anything about the game, you’re watching video anyway. 🙂

A small warning, however, at this point: the installer of the Epic Store has come under heavy criticism, because it has looked at the data of a possibly existing Steam installation once and phoned home. Trustworthy software looks different. Here is a text from colleagues in which you can research the whole extent. So if you want to have the game, maybe you should not install it on your company workstation (except in a virtual machine maybe), but rather on your private computer. As usual, there is nothing for free.

If you don’t feel like it, take a look at the iOS version: it’s not completely free, but you can test play it.

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