This week free subway rides in Berlin if you pay wirelessly

This week you can take the BVG train for free in Berlin. Prerequisite: You have to pay wirelessly at the ticket machine with the MasterCard.

As an advertising campaign you will get the ticket free of charge (well, it will be debited and then returned, but that’s it). So you can save money the whole week. You have to pay with a wireless MasterCard, which you simply hold over the blue shining logo at the machine.

But it also works with virtual MasterCards and the iPhone. We just tested it and MasterCard in the wallet, which is provided via VIMPay, also allowed payment. So if you have an NFC-enabled mobile phone and access to a MasterCard, you can drive around Berlin for free until February 18th.

If you haven’t set up Apple Pay on your iPhone yet because your bank doesn’t support the system yet, we’d like to draw your attention to the mentioned VIMPay (when in Germany). It is set up extremely fast and you get a virtual MasterCard for free.

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