For on the go: Small travel chargers with battery for the Apple Watch

Charging the Apple Watch on the go is easier if you have a small battery with you that charges the Apple Watch directly when you hang it up. We’ll show you some options.

The Apple Watch can only be charged inductively, so you either always have to have the right cable with the coil at the end or you simply get a battery for the trip, which offers the appropriate technical possibility to charge the smart watch without detours.

One of the cheapest solutions for less than ten Euros is a key fob that contains a small battery and the coil for power transmission to the Apple Watch. Very small and compact and always with you. If you just want to try such a solution, this solution might be something for you.

Those who would like to have the possibility to charge another device and would also accept a bigger battery can take a look at a power bank that can hold the existing Apple Watch charging cable. This keeps the price low, but you are still able to charge the Watch and another device via USB. For on the way a practical affair.

Of course, you can also reach a little further up the shelf and take a battery pack that offers a lot of capacity and a built-in cable for the iPhone and a charging station for the Apple Watch. You can also use it to bridge a few days without power supply. The prices are in the range of 70 to 100 dollars.

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