Dieter Rams: We destroy the environment with objects people don’t need

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit has made a new documentary about Dieter Rams. The film shows concern about the behaviour of manufacturing companies.

Dieter Rams, designer and founder of an entire era of industrial design, on the basis of which almost all Apple products are still made today, goes a step further in his statements today. Rams has created the sentence “Good design is as little design as possible”. A sentence he now applies to everything: “Less would be better everywhere”. In a world that throws away its phones every two years, minimalism has also to spread to consumer behavior.

There is no future with so many redundant things.

He accuses the industry of destroying the environment with things people don’t need and distracting the world with screens that can no longer be ignored. His basic criticism is that design is used to live the excess instead of just referring to function. He insists on a change to sustainable action.

The days of thoughtless design for thoughtless consumption are over.

Go to the Vimeo account of filmmakerGary Hustwit here.
You can find the original article about the new movie “Rams” in Fast Company.

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