Accessories manufacturer Satechi has introduced two new aluminum keyboards for the Mac.

satechi keyboard gold

Both models come with a number pad on the right side. The difference lies in the connection to the Mac: one model can be connected via Bluetooth (with three devices in total) and one via USB-A cable, for those who miss the wired Apple keyboard.

satechi keyboard detail

satechi keyboard bluetooth grey

The design clearly differs from Apple’s variants: each key has a round recess, the aluminium case has a sharp shiny edge similar to the iPhone 5s. You even have a choice of colours: silver, grey, gold and rosé. This gives you the opportunity to follow your individual taste with the keyboard as well.

Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard for iMac

Very praiseworthy: the Bluetooth keyboard with battery can be charged with a modern USB-C cable. So Satechi avoided using the cheap Micro-USB port, which we do like very much. The battery life on the other hand seems to be on the economical side: 80 hours of uninterrupted working should be possible. This should make it necessary to reload your keyboard about every week.