New speakers from Ultimate Ears: Boom 3 and Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears introduces two new Bluetooth speakers that continue the successful series.

The Boom 3 and the larger Megaboom 3 should shine with improved sound and very hard-wearing materials. The outer material is normally used for motorcycle jackets and fire equipment. Ultimate Ears also advertises having extensively tested the speakers so that they are now “virtually indestructible”.

They are also waterproof and the battery life should be around 15 hours. The new design is quite restrained, but retains the two large plus and minus buttons. New is a large button on the top that gives access to the playlists on your smartphone.

A little drawback: Only the old Micro-USB connector is available for charging. So you can’t charge the speaker with a new Apple charging cable like the one included with your MacBook. But as usual, Apple is probably just ahead of time.

If you don’t necessarily have to have the latest models, you can check on Amazon to see if the already very good predecessor models are not available at a cheaper price.

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