Elegant Stand by Yohann makes the MacBook float

You want a stand for your MacBook so that the screen is slightly raised? But the stand should also look unbelievably good? Here’s something for you.

Yohann from Switzerland made us happy a few years ago with the stand for the iPad. The same design philosophy has now been applied to a beautiful stand for the heavier MacBook and MacBook Pro.

The stand is balanced to make it look like the MacBook is floating in the air. It is only hooked into the front edge and then holds itself thanks to gravity.

Another advantage: Since the aluminium case is in the air, the cooling effect is better than standing directly on the table. So it’s easier for MacBook to release excess heat into the ambient air.

The stand is simply a fantastic idea matched by a great design. The stand is handmade in Italy and prices start at 159 Euros.

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