Wireless: Qi Charger and stackable batter pack for iPhone

There’s a handy product on Indiegogo: a Qi charger that lets you easily stack your battery and iPhone.

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: you come home, battery pack and iPhone are empty. Instead of connecting all to their charging cables, you simply place both devices on the Qi charging pad. The battery pack is charge-through-capable, meaning that it can charge another device while it is being charged. It then absorbs the energy for itself and extends some to the iPhone above.

WiBa: Cut the Cord. Charge Everything Wirelessly. (Demo)

This is of course very convenient, because you just have to put things on top of each other. However, you should note that the charging time is likely to be quite high: the charging pad offers only 10 watts. Thus, the battery itself must be charged as well as the overlying iPhone, which occurs again charge loss. So if you divide the 10 watts between both devices (in practice there will remain even less) and take into account that the battery pack has 5000 mAH, you can expect about five hours of charging time until both devices are full. It is therefore rather something for the cozy load over night, not for quick charging.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea and currently also for a fair price. Take a look at the project at Indiegogo!

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