More Power: Battery Cases for your iPhone X

The iPhone X’ battery is pretty good and normally lasts a whole day and longer. What happens, however, if you have a very busy day with lots of tasks or you’d like to shoot long videos with it? A battery case will give you the additional capacity.

Power for a whole day.

The cases are a bit thick of course, and even more the higher the capacity of the internal battery is. You can only attach them to your iPhone X though when you really need them that day. The higher weight is forgotten when you have energy for the whole day and don’t need use an external battery pack.

Be aware of the fact, that in some cases the fast charging function is not available, as the cases Lightning connector sits between the power supply and the iPhone’s one. That may affect charging speed.

DESTEK iPhone X Battery Case – 3200 mAh

The Destek battery case has the smallest capacity, but is therefore the smallest and cheapest. It is quite nice to look at and gives your some additional capacity, which is enough for a lot of situations.

iZoom iPhone X Battery Case – 4000 mAh

The iZoom battery case offers 4000 mAh and therefore roughly doubles your iPhone X’ internal capacity. It is quite thick, but still looks good. The case lets you slide in the smartphone from above, so it is also ideal for just occasional use. Attach it when you need it.

Maxbear iPhone X Battery Case – 5200 mAh

This case is for power users. Lots of capacity and a very stable case, that also saves your iPhone from falls. In addition, in comes in colorful designs. The red one is the right choice if you want to show off with the huge capacity.

iPhone X battery case – 6000 mAh

This case is a good combination of huge capacity and easy usability. It allows you to slide in the iPhone from above and have 6000 mAh of energy to spend during the day. A good choice if you only need it a couple of times a month, but if you need it, you need it extensively.

Zero Lemon iPhone X Battery Case – 10,000 mAh

Well, not a lot to say here: Huge capacity, very thick. This is the one you pick when you are very far from the next power outlet. The price you have to pay is clear: weight and a design that suits the energiy surviving skills of this model.

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