You might think “What? I don’t need instructions for that, I can do that by myself!” Sure, but Apple power supplies have a tendency for broken cables, so here are a tipps for a longer cable life.

The power supply has two little arms that you can use for the cable to wind around. This looks neat and even works well.

The problem is, that most people do wrap up the cable like in the first picture. This leads to the situation that the cable gets folded directly where it comes out of the case, everytime you do it. This leads to a broken cable in the end. First the grey plastic gets ugly, then the insulation gets damaged and in the end you can see the cable and the power supply is broken.

So here is our tipp: if you love to use these two little helper arms make a little loop before you wind it up, so the cable gets a chance to change direction without to much mechanical stress.

Even better it is, however, if you just don’t use the arms at all and just wrap the cable around the whole power supply. Doesn’t look sexy? So what. The important thing with both solutions: give the cable a little slack and don’t try to make it as firm as possible. No cable in the world likes that and it always leads to damage sooner or later.

So: give the cable some slack, use loops to avid kinks and ideally wrap it around the whole power supply. Then the cable should last you very long.

Everybody owning a power supply that starts to get a weak cable at the mentioned spot or just wants to be prepared before something happens should have a look at our improvement suggestions. We have some tipps for you for strengthening the important parts of the cable.