Netgear GS110MX 10-Port Gigabit Switch 10 Gbit RJ45





This Netgear switch looks like a simple 10 port switch for Gigabit connections, and it almost is. But besides these ports for all your peripherals, it also offers two 10 Gbit RJ45 ports!

These are very handy if you want to connect an iMac Pro or Mac mini to this fast network port and maybe have a corresponding NAS or just want to use the second port for uplinking.

So the connection is no longer a bottleneck – and yes, all data from the Gigabit port fits through a 10 Gbit port. However, if you want to connect other fast hardware, e.g. with SFP+ fiber, look around for another model.

Would you like to have this Netgear model but in the managed version, have a look here for the Netgear GS110EMX.


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